this page was made for many reasons. one of them being the need for something new to do in my freetime besides play games and study cybersecurity. i really lost a lot of my creative touch ever since i graduated high school, so messing around with HTML/CSS will certainly help with that alongside boost some of my technical skills. another being that i feel having some sort of outlet to write out the never-ending labyrinth of thoughts that are always swelling thru my mind would probably help my mental state in the long run (i don't plan on posting anything too personal/traumatic here). another reason (as you can likely ascertain from neocities being the host) is nostalgia and admiration for the older, more decentralized internet. I was born in 1999, so I didn't actually get to experience a lot of what other users on here have. however i very much believe in a lot of what the older version of the internet stood for. despite using it everyday, i feel social media tightening its addictive grasp on me more everyday. i dont know how much me creating this website will actually help me in dealing with that, but creating new content (no matter how insignificant) is better than consuming and forgetting thousands of hours of content as the months and years go by. TL;DR: i'm just looking to have some fun and see where this all takes me. anyway, i hope you enjoy what i've built! if you have any questions about me, my content, or anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. especially if you see content made by you that you don't want on this. i'm doing my best to make sure everything here is free for use (or super ancient stuff from the 90s/2000s). last thing i want to do is to steal somebody's work or not give credit!